Frequently Asked Questions by Power Bank Users

Power banks are mobile chargers that store charges. They can be charged in advance and then later used anytime and anywhere to recharge your phones, tablets or laptops. Power banks are usually handy and you can take it along with you anywhere you go. You don’t need socket, just plug your device to the charged gadget and sustain the battery life of your device to last longer.

What is the Purpose of a Power bank?

As more and more people are constantly depending on their gadgets communication devices for their businesses, appointments, work, leisure, connectivity etc. it is then necessary for them to keep the batteries of their gadgets constantly charged.

The primary purpose of this device is for you to use it personally as a backup power source or emergency power supply to charge or keep your device working when you are out of reach to electricity supply.
Or in some cases when travelling long distance or embarking on a tour and you are not sure of any charging point along the way, you can use the power bank to keep your devices alive for some time.

How do you Charge a Power Bank?

Every power bank has a power outlet port and power inlet port. So to charge your power bank, you connect a charger to the power inlet port of on the power bank just the way you charge your smartphones, tablets or GPS devices. You can charge a phone power bank using a USB chord to connect it to your laptop. But for a laptop power bank, you will most likely need an adaptor that is powered either by electricity or solar panel.

You can charge any device that can be charged through the USB connection normally. Provided the cord can fit into the device it will charge it, and the capacity of the device is not more than the capacity of the device.
However, there are power banks that have large which are specially designed to work with large gadgets like laptops, Ipads etc.

How long does it take to recharge a Power Bank?

The length of time it takes to charge any power bank depends on the capacity of the power bank. So the larger the capacity of the power bank the longer it will take to become fully charged.





However, most power bank usually comes with a LED light indicator that signifies when the power bank is fully charged.

What is the best power bank?

This is a very important question that you may ask whenever you are considering to buy a power bank. Most people have ended up investing large amount of money in things that turn out to be the inferior types.

Just like every other devices, there are floods of inferior power bank out there so it is important to know the best power bank to invest in.

Buy from registered and accredited merchants or dealers.





It is true that the many counterfeit power banks out there are labelled with hilarious specifications that will make you want to fall for them But if you get it from a registered or accredited dealer be sure to get a good product with higher specification.

What is the lifetime of a power bank?

Power Banks are made of Lithium-ion and lithium polymers just as it is used in smartphones. Not minding the capacity of the battery and power bank, they all lose their capacity over a period of time. But the time that a fully charged power bank can stay depends on the capacity of the battery, the capacity of the device plugged and the rate of usage.




The bigger the battery of the power bank the longer it will last and the longer it will take to fully charge the power bank.

Are power Banks safe to use?

Oh yes!! They are perfectly safe to use. They have been tested by certain agencies in charge of certifying technologies for public use for example International Standard Organisation ISO.

So before power banks could be released into the public domain be sure that they are safe to use provided you use it as prescribed and follow the instructions stated on the manuals that come with it. In Conclusion, power banks are handy, and they have been designed to be able to serve as a backup power source to recharge our communication and connectivity gadgets.


IPhone 5s Parts For Sale - How to Grab the Opportunity

Apple is one of the best and trustworthy smartphone that you can get out there; although the phone is costly, but it is worth the price. The truth is that in as much as the phone is very expensive, that does not mean that the phone does not have wear and tears. No matter how careful you use the device, it is bound to depreciate with time.

A major disadvantage of the phone is that aside from the fact that it is very expensive; the phone is also very costly to fix when it is damaged. This high cost of repairs is a result of the unavailability of the parts of iPhones 5s, even if you get the damaged part it is very expensive and will more than you budgeted.

So if you own an Apple iPhone and wish to replace or repair any part that is damaged like the screen, touchpad, etc., it will be best for you to get such parts from a third party dealer. This will save you a lot of money and not just that, they will give you a more reliable and quality iPhone part.