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However, not all third party iPhone parts dealers sell the original parts. Even if the price is low, lots of parts sold out there are counterfeit and they won’t serve the purpose for which you need them. Here are few tips you should watch out for whenever you want to purchase an iPhone 5s parts from a vendor or any website offer.

Find out the Seller’s Integrity: before commencing any sales, it is most important that you establish the seller’s credibility to know if he is an accredited merchant. Since iPhone is a High-class phone and they are known globally, it will be easy to search for their accredited service centers, part shop and dealers.

Do your research very well so that you won’t be the next victim of fraud. If you can’t find their accredited merchants online you can contact their customer care through the Apple website. You can also go through some forums online and read the reviews or testimonials that have been posted. Ask questions and seek for their recommendations.

Once you have certified the integrity, service quality and credibility of the vendors you can then go ahead with your purchase. Avoid Cheap Imitations: IPhone products are known for quality and this explains why it is expensive.

So if your Apple iPhone 5s is faulty or damaged and you don’t want to contact AppleCare because of their high charges, it is also advisable that you don’t just jump onto the cheapest iPhone 5s part option you see. These cheap parts might be inferior and at the same time they may further damage your device.  Avoid aiming for the cheapest iPhone 5s part from a dealer you are not sure of their reputation. Aim for the best part from an accredited dealer with good reputation.


Know your Specification:

Before you pay for any iPhone 5s part, be sure that the specification of the part you are purchasing is the same with the one that came with your iPhone 5s.

Some merchants or dealers are good at recommending some specs other than the original.

For instance, they may offer you a battery different from the original iPhone 5S sports Leon-Polymer 1560 mAh battery.

They will claim to have a better battery- 3000mAh iPhone 5s Leon-Polymer battery. It is advisable that you don’t buy it. It could end up causing you more damage and harm. With these few tips above, I hope you find it helpful when next you want to go out there to purchase an iPhone 5s part.

Or if you are in the position to recommend how to get an iPhone 5s part to somebody, you know what to do.